Private Luxury Estate 
 7 Gated Acres on over 400ft of Beachfront
The Exclusive Sandy Point, North Caicos
Come Experience JOY

Never Quit!

This has not been the easiest of roads to travel!  It has however been a tremendous classroom, offering many, many, many "Forgiveness Opportunities"!!!!  I have seen these Islands spank many people with grand plans and send them back on their way never to return, regardless of how much or little wealth they have had.  It has NEVER been about the money or what I could take from these Islands for me and I think "Mamma North" knows that & protects me on some level.   I am soo grateful for everything good & bad because it has forced me to grow as a human.  The true friendships & good times by far outweigh the bad.  I may not have been born in the beautiful TCI, but no one can ever say my heart is not of the TCI.  I truly love these islands & her people, hopefully I have proven my heart is 100% TCI & I will NEVER EVER QUIT!!! This is my dream & not too many people can say they have actually lived their dream.  I am honored & blessed beyond my wildest dreams......mostly because of the friendships I have forged. The greatest treasure I consider having is all of my friends in the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands.  North Caicos will always be my true home in my heart, even if I physically can not be there.  This is why I love being able to share enables me to re - live the goose bumps I still get thinking about her beauty.   Please enjoy some of these pictures which probably only have meaning to me? haha  It helps me remember this 12+ year journey......If you have read this far, maybe one day we will have a beer & I will share some of the crazy stories!
JODO....Because JOY is what you want!
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